How does this page help me earn more money selling put options?

What can I do here?

You enter the stocks (underlyings) you are willing to sell put options on and specify your margin and some preferences. Based in this data, the tool calculates the optimal puts for you to sell in order to maximize your profit.

How does that help me earn more money?

  • Maximize margin usage: When manually distributing your margin on put options, you run the risk of not using the margin to its full extend and therefore missing out on profit. Typical example: Using only 80 % of your $ 20.000 margin at a annualized return of 15 % leaves you with a deficit of $ 600. The tool makes sure you use as much margin as possible.
  • Maximize return: Simply put: An optimization algorithm can check all available options to maximize profit, while you can not.
  • Exclude stocks with upcoming earnings: If an earning report states results below market expectation, often times a stocks value decreases instantly. In order to avoide that risk, the tool has an selectable option to exclude all stocks with upcoming earning reports until the expiration date.

Is it free?

Yes it's free.

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